Broodmare’s Last Chance

Kepler Station Erotica

Release Date: February 13, 2024

Time is running out for Caterina. She’s been living in the lap of luxury as an Aquilae Broodmare for five lustful aliens. Her every whim is catered to, every need is met. Her brood treats her like a queen. But that comes to an end at midnight tonight, unless she can produce a viable embryo. If not, she’ll be thrown from paradise, back to her old job as a blight removal sales technician, junior grade.

Desperate to stay in paradise, Caterina will try anything and anyone to keep her lifestyle. Her ivory tower provides her a view of Vespin Plaza, where hundreds of lustful Aquilae gather, and desperate, free use Broodmares like her can have one last chance at staying in the lap of luxury. But it won’t come to that… will it?

Orcs in the Mist


Release Date: October 10, 2023

Legends say a mythical tribe of orcs live deep in the misty jungles of Orison. Raz, the strapping, intrepid explorer from Whitebridge, has been sent into the jungle to make peaceful first contact. Whitebridge scholars call it a fool’s errand; Raz alone has the conviction to thrust into the unknown.

In the dense forest, he finds Violet, a curvy, secretive orc with plans of her own. As Raz immerses himself in Orison, their ideas about first contact clash, and Raz sinks deeper into orc culture. Will he make it home, or will the jungle change him forever?

Heart’s Full


Kepler Station Romance

Release Date: June 12, 2023

Sam is the poker queen of Kepler Station, glamorous, clever, and happy. She’s got a boyfriend and her dream job. But when her boyfriend runs away with her life savings, she loses everything.

Her only hope back in the game is Dane, a scrappy city kid who grew up fleecing suckers from their hard earned cash. His rude tongue and lack of common sense drives Sam nuts. Can she stand him long enough to win big, or is there more to him than meets the eye?

The Bounty Hunter’s Prey


Kepler Station Romance

Release Date: May 15, 2023

No criminal is safe from Alora Darr. She’s fiercest Bounty Hunter on Kepler Station, the City of Eternal Night. Her newest target is Jaxx Hardwick, the muscle-bound alien eco-terrorist. Wanted for murder, he’s running from a death sentence. But when Alora is captured by Hardwick and his crew, she starts developing feelings for her prey.

The target of Hardwick’s explosive plan is Alora’s billionaire ex-lover, and Alora caught between her feelings and her duty. Will Alora save her reputation as the Bounty Hunter who never fails? Or will she let a trifle like love stand in her way?

Coming Soon

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My Android Lover


Kepler Station Romance

Release Date: TBD

Vicky is a young scrapper in a big city, trying to make a living as the best mechanic around. Her boyfriend Theo loves to race his flutter-bike; together they’re a perfect pair. But when Theo is killed in a street race, Vicky’s world is turned upside down.

Their only chance is her eccentric neighbor, Dr. Scorpio McCraken, mad genius and inventor. Together, Vicky and McCraken plan to cheat death by bringing Theo’s mind back to life in a new body — an android. Is their creation really Theo? Do human/android hybrids dream of cyborg sheep? Most importantly, can Vicky find love again in a man she once knew?