Quoth the Raven

January 4, 2024 – New Release February 13!

Juicy new story coming your way in February! Still set on Kepler Station, Broodmare’s Last Chance will be on Amazon and Draft2Digital. This story is erotica, not romance, with lots of steamy scenes to keep you titillated. In my previous post, I hinted at it, and it’s coming to fruition. Check it out on the “Books” page!

On a personal note, I want to wish you a happy new year. I achieved my personal goal in 2023 of writing (on average) 1000 words a day, for a total of over 365,000 words! Most will never see the light of day; half baked story or setting ideas, letters to friends, diary entries. But I got three stories out the door, plus this one which I hope you will enjoy.

I read 18 books this year in a variety of flavors. The best one I read was “Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan.” It’s an incredible look at how these women lived in the year 1000. In many ways, they’re just like us. Sarashina has a pet cat and anxiously waits for the new installment of her favorite book series, Prince Genji. Shikibu ponders the nature of peaceful swans. Shikibu experiences forbidden love. Highly recommend to everyone.

September 29, 2023 – New Release October 10!

My newest book, “Orcs in the Mist,” will release October 10 on Amazon and Draft2Digital. It’s my first fantasy story, set in a world of explorers and mystery. There are orcs in them there hills! Steamy adventure romance between an intrepid explorer and a cunning, beautiful orc.

I’m also closing in on my next Kepler Station Romance “My Android Lover.” I’m still editing, but am hopeful to release the next Kepler installment by November. I also have a very saucy, very salacious short in the works. It’s pure sci-fi erotica, not for the faint of heart. Maybe that will come first. We’ll see.

June 5, 2023 – Bounty Hunter’s Prey Sale!

The Bounty Hunter’s Prey is on sale on Amazon for the next couple days for $0.99! I’ll be releasing my next book in the series, Hearts Full, next week. They aren’t direct sequels; Hearts Full is actually a prequel technically, but order doesn’t matter.

Sam Harper is on top of her game; glamorous, clever, and happy. But when her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend robs her blind, she faces eviction or worse – a return trip home to her family.
Her only hope back in the game is Dane, a scrappy city kid who grew up fleecing suckers from their hard earned cash. His rude tongue and lack of common sense drives Sam nuts. Can she stand him long enough to win big, or is there more to him than meets the eye?

“My Android Lover” is next to be released, probably in mid-to-late summer. I’m around the halfway point currently; it feels like the halfway point. This one has some darker, emotional elements but will still be a HEA with some silly beats. It’s got a mechanic, a street racer, and a mad scientist.

I’ve started another story which is shaping up to be longer than the previous two, featuring gladiators and corporate princesses. It’s an action packed adventure through Kepler Station and across the galaxy with jealousy, revenge, and plenty of spice. Frank Herbert was talking about romance stories when he wrote, “The spice must flow.” It’s in the subtext.

Check out The Bounty Hunter’s Prey while it’s on sale, and remember Hearts Full releases on June 12.

April 27, 2023 – T minus 18 Days!

Hey, my first blog post. I’m going to try to fire off one of these per month at least, and if you’re subscribed to the newsletter, I’ve got great news, you can get it in your email without checking back here. Make sure to subscribe below to get those sent to you. I’ll have excerpts from my work, anecdotes, and potentially some art as well, who knows. Anything goes in a blog.
My first book, The Bounty Hunter’s Prey, releases on Amazon on May 15th. It’s very exciting for me, I can’t wait to get it into the hands of readers. It’s an action-packed romance with twists and turns around every corner. What happens when a notorious bounty hunter falls in love with her target? You’ll have to read the book to find out. It releases May 15th, 2023. Have I mentioned I’m excited about it?
If you followed me here from my game dev work, thank you so much for your support. You helped inspire me to take the leap into writing full time. Reading your survey responses, seeing positive comments, admiring your fan art all helped drive me to this point. You put gas in my tank, literally and metaphorically. And for you new fans, I’m glad you’re here. You’re the ones I’m counting on to take my writing to the next level. See you on Kepler!